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2018 – Issue 5 -Supplement Utility Modernisation

Utility Modernisation

We examine why. One country that is considering the future of energy is Australia. In 2016, Australia’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel told the leaders of the Council of Australian Governments that they had “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reform the electricity sector to maximise its resilience in the face of rapid market changes.” Read pg 114 to understand part of the journey they are undertaking.
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and the utility sector

According to recent research, 50% of the current utility staff will be retiring over the next couple of years and this is potentially a good thing. The thinking is that humans tend to rely on...
hitachi abb

A sensor and data-driven future for French TSO RTE

Smart Energy International spoke with Jean Pompee, Director of R&D – Smart Grids, for French TSO, RTE recently. With nearly 105,000km of lines, RTE’s grid is the biggest in Europe. 46.2% of extra-high voltage...
SAP SEtech

Leading tech insights from down under

To highlight the technology evolution in the smart water and sanitation space, Smart Energy International spoke to Cameron McLean, chief information officer, Yarra Valley Water, based in Melbourne, Australia. The discussion centred on their digitisation...

Reshaping the utility sector

Utilities have already invested in technology and digital innovation. However, there is still a treasure trove left to be discovered including IoT and artificial intelligence, says Graeme Wright. The world has seen three industrial revolutions...
energy 4.0

Data-driven iPaaS

Adaptation to disruption needs to happen at a faster pace, says Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird Whether you call it the ‘Internet of Energy’ (IoE), the ‘energy cloud,’ a moniker assigned by Navigant Research, or...
UK blackout

Reforming the Australian energy sector

In order to enable consumers to have a clearer understanding of their energy consumption and better manage their demand, and to encourage active incentives and demand-side programmes by supply chain businesses, in 2012 the...