2018- issue 5


Techniques to detect and harden an e-meter against intrusive tampering

Each year, utility providers around the world lose billions in revenue from nontechnical losses – losses not related to technical operation of the grid...

Sustainability in metering – we must vs. we want

Planet Earth, or, more accurately, humankind is faced with three main issues that are jeopardising our future existence. Global warming caused by increased production...
data migration

Data security – the challenge is often bigger than you think

Meters have long been construed as cash registers for utilities. As such, the accuracy and authenticity of data used for billing has always been...
cyber risks

End-to-end security solutions

With large scale smart grid deployments around the world, newly created ecosystems encompass a multitude of vulnerable connected devices, stakeholders and services.
ICS, grid resilience

In grid security, preparation is critical

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation conducted the GridEx IV security exercise in November 2017, the fourth such exercise since 2011. The purpose of the...

ENTSO-E’s digital transformation

Smart Energy International spoke with Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General for ENTSO-E, about the developments within the organisation and the importance of digitalisation for TSOs. What...

EE-ISAC: Mission and objectives

Instant, comprehensive and trustworthy collaboration between security teams in energy sector companies is a must in a modern world where industrial control systems are...
UK renewables


As the utility industry continues to be disrupted by changing business models and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and distributed energy resources,...

Smart water management in Brazil

As global warming continues to negatively impact on the ecosystem, calls to practise sustainable measures to address climate change have intensified on a global...

Applying blockchain technology to electric power systems

A blockchain is a way to record and verify transactions without requiring a central entity to maintain or validate the ledger. Its most popular...

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