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2019 – Issue 1

Smart Energy International Issue 1 2019

The first edition for 2019, issue 1-2019 of the Smart Energy International magazine is now available. In this edition, we showcase news, views and opinions from some of the leading thought and industry leaders in the global smart energy sector.
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2018 saw Australian Utility Week reaching a tipping point regarding its digital transformation theme. Emphasis was placed on providing utilities with the digital tools necessary to create process and resource efficiency. This year the event...

From a smart grid to the Internet of Energy

As an industry, we continue to move into a future where the modern grid driven by the combination of intelligent grid-edge devices and high-speed communication with near real-time processing of the data.
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Reliability of embedded software

A smart meter is composed of hardware and embedded software. These two parts have to work in harmony with each other to make the system work in an orderly fashion. Failure of any part...
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DEWA in the year of Zayed

2018 was marked as the ‘year of Zayed’ for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the UAE. The Year of Zayed featured a series of events and initiatives, designed to commemorate the...

Performance of glass disc suspension insulators

BPG INTERNATIONAL, headquartered in Paris, France & BPG China, is one of the leading groups in the power and energy sectors with more than 100 years of experience. With eight wholly owned affiliates and...

The heart of your device

Many countries have started or are already in the middle of utility metering rollouts, and as such, this industry is now seeing the first examples of project maturity. Meter manufacturers and operators are looking for...
TotalEnergies EV charging network

WattPark: Cash in on your energy!

WATTPARK offers a whole new way to charge your electric vehicle. WattPark is the first charging point for all electric vehicles (cars, scooters and bikes) that can be booked, shared and therefore monetised. WattPark is...
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Detect and harden against non-intrusive tampering

In part 2 of this series, Mekre Mesganaw examines some of the elements of magnetic tampering. To maximise efficiency, electric utility providers must minimise losses in energy between electricity generation and customer distribution. A part...
customer experience

Transforming the customer experience

For the sixth consecutive year, the utility industry in the US improved its overall customer satisfaction scores, according to last year’s J.D. Power Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. Overall customer satisfaction for utilities...
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Bringing the blockchain microgrid to life

The pace of transformation in the energy system is almost overwhelming; however the blockchain microgrid has persisted as a focal point. Molly Webb, Founder of Energy Unlocked, highlights the characteristics that explain its endurance. Molly...