2019 – Issue 3

Smart Energy International Issue 3 2019

Our focuses in this edition have been many Asia, Australia, innovation and new technology – and you will learn something new from each and every one of the articles featured.

Preparing for Electrification – Doing it Right

UDI merhiv looks at the role of electrification on the global sustainability goals and in ensuring the stability of grid networks.

Key processes to reduce non-technical losses

In previous articles on non-technical losses (NTL) we examined what NTL is and why it matters to all of us; and the strategies to...

Could the solar boom bust the grid?

The increase in solar PV generation is attributed to a record amount of installed rooftop solar capacity over 2018, which made up 74% of total solar generation in Q4 2018.

Falling behind ‘down under’

As in many developed countries, Australia’s grid infrastructure is ageing but state-led infrastructure modernisation has been ongoing since 2009.
Australia Vanadium Redox

Australia’s biggest behind-the-meter storage project goes live

UK energy storage company redT has switched on a 1MW facility at Australia’s largest university – marking the country’s largest behind-the-meter commercial and industrial installation to date.

IIOT – The challenge and the opportunity

Peter Asman, Vice President IIoT EMEA, Trilliant Networks, during European Utility Week, contributing editor Kelvin Ross explores the Industrial IoT space.
renewable energy generation

Renewable generation on the rise in APAC

Investments in renewable energy generation in Asia excluding China will overtake spending on upstream oil and gas projects in the region as...

Financing Asia’s smart city ambitions

With more than two thirds of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, and the urban populations of...

2019 – The year of collaboration and opportunity

A recent report by Frost & Sullivan has determined that in Asia “renewable energy will continue to be prominent, with a positive...
Australia Energy Storage

Driven by storage – the journey to renewables in Australia

It’s been hailed by many as the ‘Leatherman’ of the smart energy industry. Storage which can be used for peak demand management...

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