2019 – Issue 5

Smart Energy International Issue 5 2019

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melita italia

New communications challenges embrace BPL

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) has motivated most of the communication deployments for low voltage (LV) networks. Narrowband power line communications (NB-PLC) have...
energy auction

J&D Rogowski coil CTs are optimal for power quality and revenue-grade...

Engineers previously had to decide if the benefits of using flexible Rogowski coil CTs (current transformers) outweighed the losses in accuracy. Now, they don't have to...
EU energy future

How standards are evolving in the world of smart

As the European Energy industry continues to progress down the road of further deregulation, driven by policy decisions from the EU Commission, it opens some interesting opportunities to take a fresh look at the relationship between consumer/prosumer and utility.
UK battery storage

A smart contribution towards a sustainable energy supply

In order to achieve global energy and climate policy targets, greater focus upon heating and cooling is required. In buildings and industry, heating and cooling account for 51% of total European energy consumption, with a similar distribution globally.
solar energy

Manage non-technical losses

Unpaid bills, electricity theft and meter tampering have challenged utilities since the installation of the first electricity meters. Now the market, facing enormous business challenges, is actively seeking some form of transformation to ensure sustainability.

Maddalena: 100 years of passion for precision

Maddalena is a leading name throughout Italy and Europe in the field of water metering instruments. Founded in 1919, it has constantly...
energy storage

HLC doubles power for current peaks

Requirements for an electric energy source in the metering and Internet of Things (IoT) industry are demanding.

Why interoperability and security by design are key

As utilities look to adapt to these changes, it is clear that smart metering systems, and access to the real-time energy data they provide, are enablers of a fully flexible system that puts information into the hands of the consumer.


It all starts with excellent content! European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, the three-day event that spotlights every part...
Itron Europe

Interoperability supporting clean energy strategies

In 2015, the European Union (EU) announced its Energy Union Strategy with the goal of guaranteeing accessible, affordable, secure, competitive and sustainable energy for all Europeans.

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