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2019 – PEI issue 5

Power Engineering International Supplement 5 2019

Read articles from Power Engineering International here Read the full digimag here From this edition, we will be featuring print elements of Power Engineering International inside the Smart Energy International magazine. The synergies between the two publications are...
cyber threats

Are utilities keeping up with cyber threats?

A new report details the industry’s vulnerability to cyber risk and its readiness to address them
renewable energy generation

Adapting to meet renewable energy targets

This article explains how energy managers can adopt new technologies to better manage and monitor these volatile energy generation sites.

Improving efficiency for the Lisahally biomass power plant

Biomass is becoming an increasingly popular fuel solution for power generation.
AI i

Improving nuclear unit outage scheduling with artificial intelligence

PricewaterhouseCoopers looks at the role artificial intelligence plays in the operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants
lead-acid batteries

Connecting heat, cold and electricity – a new route to clean energy

New technology is offering an economic approach to largescale energy storage. An electro thermal energy storage breakthrough does more than address bulk power storage though.