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2020 – Issue 2

cloud technologies

Cloudy skies ahead for utilities

Brian Bradford looks at how utilities are optimising their customer engagement using cloud computing, plus other factors driving utilities to adopt cloud technologies. I t wasn’t that long ago when utilities looked at “cloud computing”...
water sector africa

AMI penetration in Africa: a comparison with global progress

This article looks at the adoption of advanced metering infrastructure in Africa and explores factors driving and hindering rollout of the technology as well as how the solution is helping utilities in the region to address critical energy challenges.
renewable energy

The energy sector of the future

The energy business consists of several multi-trillion dollar ecosystems that, depending on where you look or who you ask, are slowly evolving
Distributech 2020

DISTRIBUTECH 2020 post-event wrap

On the day before DISTRIBUTECH International’s official kick-off, utilities across the United States were recognised at the pre-event day for their best practices in consumer engagement.
smart meter market

From slow burn to quick-fire: Why the gas meter industry is speeding up in...

With over 800 million smart meters installed worldwide across electricity, water and gas, it’s fair to say the smart meter movement is already well established. However, it’s the spark of electricity and the rising wave...
5g aws

The new source of capacity – 5G in utilities in 2020 and beyond

Utilities can construct their own private 5G networks, interworked with infrastructure operated by telecommunications service providers.

A hybrid world

In a rapidly evolving world, the term ‘hybrid’ is becoming part of our daily lives. The cars we drive are becoming hybrid; relying on a dual source of energy (electricity/gas) to offer reliability and efficiency.
solar pv

Working together to ensure services during coronavirus crisis

The nation’s utilities are working together to protect the energy grid and ensure continued access to reliable energy during the COVID-19 crisis

New energy consumer demands and how to fulfil them

Nicholas Nhede looks at the new energy consumer, what utility customers are demanding, factors driving their demands and some of the measures being implemented by energy providers to meet these demands and enhance customer...