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2021 – The Guide to Enlit Europe

Enlit Europe 2021 The Guide

The Guide to Enlit Europe 2021

Familiarize yourself with topics that will be discussed at Enlit Europe 2021, which will take place from 30 November- 2 December in Milan.
Paddy Young talking about Enlit Live 2021 in Milan

Enlit Europe 2021 going live in Milan!

Enlit Europe Director Paddy Young highlights why he is so excited to welcome you in person to Enlit Europe 2021 in Milan.
Fit for 55 means fit for energy efficiency

Fit for 55 means fit for energy efficiency

There is no energy source more sustainable and affordable than the one you do not have to use, writes Hans Korteweg about energy efficiency.
Eurogas insights about the changing energy sector in Europe

Transformation is inevitable – Getting it right is essential

Eurogas president Didier Holleaux highlights the opportunities in Europe for cross-sector cooperation to improve networks, accelerate sector integration and serve consumers.
Will a green recovery be a just transition

Will a green recovery be a just transition?

What does a ‘just energy transition’ for Europe actually mean? Does natural gas have a place? And what role can private sector companies play? Dina Darshini offers some answers.
Green hydrogen

Green is the new black: Hydrogen ‘is the topic of the year’

A panel of experts joined a Power Engineering International debate to examine the challenges of developing a green hydrogen economy. Pamela Largue reports.
The making of smart buildings

The making of a smart building

Luis d’Acosta of Schneider Electric highlights the vital steps for retrofitting existing structures to make them smart buildings.

New Energy association to be unveiled at Enlit Europe

A new Italian energy sector association Anima Confindustria will take its first steps into the energy transition at Enlit Europe in Milan.
Pivot Power batteries for energy storage in Oxford

Integrating storage with transmission for a net-zero transition

Nigel Blackaby speaks to Pivot Power chief Matt Allen to discover how a collaborative and innovative approach can unlock the full potential of energy flexibility.
Piecing together the sector coupling puzzle

Piecing together the sector coupling puzzle

Tom Payre from GRDF highlights some crucial questions around energy system integration and explains how we need to focus on sector coupling.

Making digital transformation a reality

Some say data is the new oil. If so, then like oil, data requires refining to add value, writes Miguel Valdez about digital transformation.