Who are Shanghai Mobiletek?

Dr. Sherry Xu, CEO of Shanghai Mobilitek speaks about the formation and growth of the IoT communications firm
5g services

5G and IoT comes to enterprises in Japan

Nokia today announced that it is building out its strategic partnership ecosystem to bring local 5G/private wireless LTE to industrial and government...

The wireless future of utility broadband

As well as bringing power to rural communities, utility companies can help them to flourish by supplying broadband. There’s often a strong...

Five ways 5G will change your life

5G is going to be incredible. But what if you want your business to be incredible right now? With Nokia Private Wireless, you can have an amazing now.

Ericsson and partners to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities for next-gen networks

Concordia University, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Ericsson to develop advanced cybersecurity platforms.

LTE optimised communications

The power grid is changing. To maintain high levels of safety and reliability, utilities need greater control, deep into the distribution grid....

Study reveals 5G’s transformation potential for industry

Infosys Knowledge Institute has released the results of a survey conducted to understand current and future trends around 5G adoption.

Moscow to hosts ‘5G Demo Center’ to pilot emerging technologies

The Department of Information Technologies of Moscow will establish a 5G Demo Center to pilot new smart city and emerging technologies.

City of Moscow to launch 5G network

The Department of Information Technology of Moscow has signed a deal to develop new digital technologies and communication services
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Cost-effective spectrum to deliver 5G for smart services

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed to accelerate development and adoption of a next-generation information infrastructure for low cost communication services.

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