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eSIM and smart meters: Why eSIM and why now?

ABI Research's new whitepaper explains how innovative #eSIM capabilities streamline smart #metering operations while massively reducing TCO
IoT energy

Global shipments of next-gen smart IoT gateways to hit 21 million by 2025

ABI Research, there will be 21.4 million next-gen smart IoT gateways shipped in 2025.

Smart meter market revenue shrinks by $3.3 billion

COVID-19 disruptions will reduce the annual smart meter shipments in 2020 by 25%, according to a new report issued by ABI Research.
Intelligent Cities

COVID-19 accelerates rollout of smart cities technologies

The globe has witnessed an increase in the adoption of smart cities technologies as governments strive to improve their resilience to the pandemic.
solar tracker market

Utility metering and video surveillance to dominate IoT smart city market

Smart utility metering and video surveillance will remain by far the largest smart city segment, with the number of connections representing 87% of the total number of smart city connections by 2026
Intelligent Cities

Five key methods to make smart cities smarter

According to a new whitepaper issued by ABI Research, investments in smart ciies technologies will reach over $61 billion globally in 2026.
cyber resilience

$8 billion investment insufficient to fight cyberthreats, ABI Research

The modernization of utility infrastructures is enabling increased efficiencies and reliability through digitization, connectivity, and IT-based approaches. Smart cyber assets are transforming both power and water grids, allowing operators to deploy and leverage a...
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL research on DER use for reliability on storm affected grid networks

According to a local publication, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory launched the initiative CleanstartDERMS with aims to help utilities in the US to sustain grid reliability using distributed energy resources after storms. The programme is...
EPFL campus PMU smart grid project

Smart grid: Swiss researchers test PMU system for better grid stability

A Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has installed phasor measurement units (PMU) in four of its campus buildings with the aim of studying how the power distribution grid can respond in real-time to changes...

Researchers claim smart meters can reveal TV viewing habits

[img:tv_spectrum_0.jpg| ]Münster, Germany --- (METERING.COM) --- September 21, 2011 - A group of researchers at the Münster University of Applied Sciences have claimed that it is possible to use the electricity usage data from a smart electricity meter to determine which programs a consumer is watching on a standard TV set.

The test results, which have been presented in draft form and are yet to be formally published (presumably with peer review), also suggest that it may be possible to identify films played from a DVD or other source, the researchers claim.