New ACEEE report ranks state’s e-mobility progress

A new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranks states according to their e-moblity decarbonisation efforts.
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COVID-19 slows US energy efficiency sector despite increase in policy adoption

Despite an increase in the number of US states adopting energy efficiency codes/laws or setting ambitious energy-saving targets, COVID-19 has slowed overall market growth in 2020.
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Heat electrification in commercial buildings can cut emissions by 44%

Replacing gas-burning heating systems in commercial buildings with efficient electrified heat-pumps could reduce emissions by 44%.
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Top ten US cities embracing clean energy technologies announced

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has released its 2020 City Clean Energy Scorecard.
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North Carolina can save $5.9 billion in electricity costs – ACEEE

ACEEE has said energy efficiency can help the US state of North Carolina to save $5.9 billion in electricity costs over the next two decades.
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Low-income households at heightened risk of utility shutoffs during pandemic

A new report released by ACEEE has revealed that low-income households pay a much larger share of their income on energy bills.
energy efficiency and cooling

Mandating building efficiency retrofits vital to climate action

ACEEE has said US cities and states must mandate building retrofits to meet climate crisis.
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ACEEE calls for inclusion of efficiency scores in real estate listings

Including home energy efficiency scores in online real estate listings would help buyers to buy more-efficient homes with lower energy costs - ACEEE.
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Efficiency sector could fuel the US economy with 666,000 new jobs

A package of federal investments in energy efficiency would stimulate the US economy and create 660,000 jobs through 2023, according to ACEEE.

How largest US utilities managed to improve energy efficiency by 20%

Grace Relf, a senior research analyst with ACEEE, discusses the findings of the 2020 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard

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