About ADD Grup

ADD Grup is a developer and manufacturer of smart metering solutions since 1992 and based in Moldova with the 400 employees. Company...

Hybrid G3-PLC for an effortless KPI

Needless to say that low voltage powerlines, unlike fiber-optics or other types of wired communication solutions, are quite a harsh communication network,...

ADD GRUP and KVA will deliver 250,000 smart meters to Beirut

ADD GRUP and KVA s.a.l. will deliver 250,000 smart meters to Beirut, Lebanon ADD Grup, together with its partner...

Submetering. Different perspective

Taking actions is what moves modern society; development is the motivation for the movement and technology is the trigger. The metering industry...
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COVID-19 a trigger for smart metering rollouts

Smart metering removes the necessity for the personal presence of the controller to check the indications, disconnect or reconnect consumers.

Water usage in Europe’s tourism industry

There are multiple reasons for the usage, starting from drinking water and ending with manufacturing, industrial purposes and tourism.
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ADD Grup delivers smart meters with hybrid solution for Palestine

TCEE has signed a new contract in order to deliver 6,000 smart meters with ADD Grup's hybrid solution for Biet Ummar Municipality.
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ADD Grup, Eximprod begin deliveries of 620,000 smart meters in Romania

ADD Grup and Eximprod Power Systems began deliveries under a contract for 620,000 smart meters for Distributie Energie Oltenia in Romania.

Adderra – submetering solution

The purpose behind the existence of the European Union is the improvement of the socio-demographic levels of living for all its citizens....

ADDERRA: Prepaid utility services for hotels and rental property

ADD noticed that besides their target customers (electricity and water distribution companies) a new customer group has emerged: hotels and rental property owners and administrators.
Smart meters - Romania

ADD GRUP deployed 10,000 smart meters for Romanian utility

ADD GRUP finalised the contract for delivery and deployment of 10 000 ADDAX smart meters to Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), Romania.

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