Off grid solar

Traditional financing solutions inadequate for off-grid solar market

The World Bank Group and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), have pub-ished a joint report that examining a range of financing solutions for delivering off-grid solar electricity to more than 840 million people still living without access to reliable power.
Africa COVID-19

COVID-19 emergency relief package to electrify health centres in Africa

An emergency relief fund to provide healthcare organisations on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa with reliable power has been awarded to a solar home system provider, Lumos.
Africa Electrification

Africa’s power industry – insights in 2020

Perhaps more than in any other global region, Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic development remains tied to sustained growth in the power sector. The anticipated economic gains of the 2020s will depend in large part on bringing electricity to over 600 million people in the region that currently lack it, writes Steve Chakerian, a senior analyst at smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group.
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AMI penetration in Africa: a comparison with global progress

This article looks at the adoption of advanced metering infrastructure in Africa and explores factors driving and hindering rollout of the technology as well as how the solution is helping utilities in the region to address critical energy challenges.

AfDB launches record-breaking $3bn ‘Fight COVID-19’ Social Bond

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has raised an exceptional $3 billion in a three-year bond to help alleviate the economic and social impact that the Covid-19 pandemic will have on livelihoods and Africa’s economies.

Clean energy project to power 30 million people in Africa gets...

EIB is providing EUR9 million to support the implementation of a clean energy project that will benefit people in the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi.
Africa wind farm

Senegal opens West Africa’s first large-scale wind farm

Senegal has inaugurated the first large-scale wind farm in West Africa.
gender diversity

Azuri Technologies powers gender diversity in Africa’s renewables sector

Azuri Technologies has launched its Brighter Lives Initiative, aimed at bringing more rural women into the off-grid solar sector.
Burundi solar

“Global village” brings utility-scale solar to Burundi

Work has begun to develop a 7.5 MW solar field in Burundi
water sector africa

Africa’s market for off-grid solar worth $24 billion – report

One in two people in Africa still lacks access to the grid, representing a potential $24 billion market per year for off-grid solar systems.

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