Ameren Illinois advanced electric meter plan approved

[img:RichardM.thumbnail.jpg|Richard J. Mark,
President & CEO,
Ameren Illinois
]Collinsville, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- December 10, 2012 - Ameren Illinois’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) initiative, a key element of the company’s Modernization Action Plan (MAP), was last week approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Customers will benefit through improved service reliability and a greater potential for energy savings by allowing them to better manage their energy use.

Ameren Illinois’ smart grid plan rejected by Illinois Commerce Commission

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]Springfield, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- May 31, 2012 - Ameren Illinois’ Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure Plan has been rejected by the Illinois Commerce Commission on the grounds that it failed to show that it would deliver a cost benefit to customers.

According to a statement, Ameren was required under the state’s Public Utilities Act to prove that the plan will be cost-beneficial, i.e. that the present value of the total benefits of the plan exceed the present value of the total costs. In addition the plan should include a vision statement consistent with developing a cost-beneficial smart grid.   

Ameren provides power outage data over handheld devices

[img:voss.thumbnail.jpeg|Thomas R. Voss,
President & CEO,
Ameren Corporation
]St Louis, MI, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- September 3, 2009 - Ameren companies in Illinois and Missouri have started a mobile power outage information service, “,” for their 2.4 million electric customers in the two states. offers customers the comfort of being able to report a power outage from a mobile device and provides statistics organized by county and ZIP code to users of BlackBerries, Palm Pilots, iPhones and other mobile devices.

AmerenUE’s Pure Powerâ„¢ Program recognized by Department of Energy

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]St Louis, MS, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- October 28, 2008 - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has named UE's Pure Power™ program the "most successful" New Green Power Program of the year.

Citing Pure Power as the largest green-pricing programs in the Midwest with its nearly 4,000 customers, the DOE recognized the renewable energy offering both for "quantitative criteria, such as customer participation and green power sales, and qualitative criteria, such as overall value provided to customers."

670 000 meters installed by Ameren Illinois

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- August 12, 2008 - More than 670 000 meters have been installed by Ameren Illinois utilities – Ameren IP, AmerenCIPS and AmerenCILCO – representing more than half the goal of 1.1 million meters, in a program started in 2006.

The meters, which have been provided by Landis+Gyr, are paving the way for the next generation of distribution networking – smart grids which use precise monitoring and communication to enhance the effectiveness of the distribution system.

Ameren Illinois Utilities reaches halfway mark of its 1.1 million endpoint...

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]Springfield, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- June 25, 2008 – Ameren Illinois Utilities has passed the halfway mark of its 1.1 million endpoint deployment that began in 2006, with over 760,000 electric and gas endpoints from Landis+Gyr having been installed. Landis+Gyr’s Energy Management Solutions division is deploying a two-way RF mesh network to communicate with the 1.1 million endpoints.

Ameren Illinois Utilities propose natural gas energy efficiency plan

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]Springfield, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- February 14, 2008 – The Ameren Illinois Utilities have filed an energy efficiency plan with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) designed to help customers save money by reducing their natural gas usage.

"Through this comprehensive natural gas energy efficiency plan, we will help customers save money by using less natural gas without sacrificing personal comfort or safety," said Stan Ogden, vice president for Customer Service and Public Relations for the Ameren Illinois Utilities (AmerenCILCO, AmerenCIPS and AmerenIP).

Real-time pricing option for Ameren Illinois utilities’ customers

[img:CNTEnergy.thumbnail.gif| ]Peoria, Springfield and Decatur, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- October 11, 2007 – Electric residential customers of the Ameren Illinois utilities (AmerenCILCO, AmerenCIPS and AmerenIP) are eligible to enroll in an optional program for real-time electricity pricing, called Power Smart Pricing. The program offers customers a choice in how they pay for electricity.

Ameren Illinois utilities announces three executive promotions

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]Scott Cisel, president and chief executive officer of the Ameren Illinois utilities, has announced the promotions of three new vice presidents. Ron Pate will become Vice President of Regional Operations; Stan Ogden has been named Vice President of Customer Service and Public Relations, and Craig Nelson has become Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Financial Services. All will report to Mr. Cisel and be part of the utilities' executive leadership team.

Rate relief for Ameren customers in Illinois

[img:ameren.thumbnail.gif| ]St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- September 11, 2007 - U.S. utility Ameren has announced that its residential customers in Illinois will soon start feeling the benefits of its $1 billion rate relief plan.

"Our customers have asked for rate relief and we are delivering it," Stan Ogden, vice president of customer service and public relations, said in a statement. "This across-the-board assistance will help trim the bills to more than one million residential customers."

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