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private sector

ADB pledges to accelerate private sector funding on climate change

The ADB has pledged to increase the focus of its private sector operations on developing and ‘sometimes risker’ markets over the next five years.

$1 billion ADB funding to accelerate energy transition in the Pacifics

ADB will invest over $1bn worth of energy projects in the Pacific from 2019 to 2021 to increase renewable energy generation and improve access to affordable energy
solomon islands

$200 million IFC package to help Solomon islands decarbonise the energy...

The Government of Solomon Islands and the International Finance Corporation have signed a financing agreement for the Tina River Hydropower Project.
green banks

Nine more countries to leverage green banks as climate action mechanism

Some nine more countries have pledged to establish and leverage green banks to address climate change.

ADB meets commitment to double annual climate financing to $6 billion

ADB has achieved a key commitment to double its annual climate investments from $3 billion in 2014, hitting a record high of more than $6 billion in climate-related financing in 2019
clean energy

Pakistan wins ADB support for sustainable energy sector funding

ADB has issued up to $300 million in loan to the government of Pakistan to address energy industry constraints.

New $250 million ADB loan to accelerate energy efficiency in India

ADB has agreed to provide India’s Energy Efficiency Services Limited with a $250 million loan to accelerate its operations
solar pv plant

Private capital key to unlocking the energy transition in Pacific Islands

Committing private capital to the deployment of renewable energy projects in the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) has been the focus...

Central Asia endorses climate-friendly ‘Energy Strategy 2030’

CAREC has endorsed a roadmap and set of regulations to help member states to improve energy security, sustainability and investments.
Green Climate Fund

China receives Green Climate Fund’s first to mitigate climate change

The Asian Development Bank has secured $100 million in funding from the Green Climate Fund to mitigate climate change in China’s Shandong province.

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