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ev charging

ADB aid to increase Thailand’s renewables and EV charging infrastructure

The Asian Development Bank has issued funding to be used to increase renewable energy and electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Thailand.
air quality

ADB issues $150 million clean energy loan to help improve air quality in China

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of $150 million for clean energy financing in a bid to improve air quality in China.

India’s Meghalaya state to modernise grid with $132.8 million ADB loan

The ADB has approved a $132.8m loan to finance the 24X7 Power for All Meghalaya, a grid modernisation project.
smart cities

ADB funds smart city project for Chinese Xiangtan municipal government

In China, the Xiangtan municipal government has secured a loan from the Asian Development Bank to implement its smart city programme.
solar energy

ADB investment to expand solar energy generation in India

The ADB will invest $15m in Avaada Energy Private Limited to scale up photovoltaic solar energy generation capacity in India.
ppl corporation

ADB move to address infrastructure financing gap in Asia

ADB has approved $95m in investment to be made in Singapore-based global sustainable infrastructure fund Clifford Capital Holdings.

Cambodia to expand its grid, thanks to $127.8 million ADB aid

In Cambodia, Electricite du Cambodge will be leveraging a $127.8m loan secured from the Asian Development Bank to expand its grid.
General Electric sustainability

ADB signs clean energy funding deal with Chinese bank

ADB and Citic Financial Leasing Co. Ltd. have signed a $70m loan to fund the lease of clean energy projects in China.
Energy Transformation

ADB arm urges bank to curb financing new coal-fired projects

The ADB has been urged to withdraw from financing new coal-fired energy projects by its Independent Evaluation.
infrastructure projects

ADB approves $50 million loan for infrastructure projects in Bangladesh

The ADB has approved a $50 million loan to the Government of Bangladesh to fund public-private partnership infrastructure projects in the country.