About Australian Utility Week 2019

Date: 14-15 August 2019 Location: Melbourne, Australia Website Australian Utility Week is the leading digital utility expo in the region and it's an annual meeting place for...
tesla australia

First Tesla Model 3’s hit NZ, Aussie shores

18 months after its initial launch, (and a lot sooner than some other countries) New Zealand has received its first batch of Tesla Model 3’s with Australia’s deliveries expected in Sydney by Friday.
South Australia blackout

Regulator takes wind power companies to court over 2016 state-wide blackout

Australia’s regulator is taking four wind energy companies to court for not meeting performance requirements during the 2016 state-wide power-outage
victoria solar

Victoria’s Solar Homes programme leaves solar businesses stranded

Urgent action is required in the Australian state of Victoria’s Victorian Solar Homes programme, or large numbers of small business in the state are likely to go bankrupt in the months to come, according to the country’s Clean Energy Council.
facial recognition

Ed’s note: Facial recognition causing headaches in Australia

A story from Australia made me look twice and then... again. The headline in the Sydney Morning Herald read: "Smart Energy Council calls for State to abandon facial recognition.” I had to know more…
Utility Blockchain

‘Post blockchain’ tech used in local mini-grids

An Australian energy technology company is using post blockchain technology and utilising artificial intelligence to overhaul the way people use and trade power, the Australian Financial Review reports.
Solar retailers

Solar Victoria: new protection for customers enacted

Victoria enacts tough new requirements for solar retailers to protect customers and ensure high standard installations.

Global Energy Insights series reveals DER energy trends

Annabel Wilton, an analyst at Bloomberg NEF talks about the adoption of renewable energy globally, DER and how the shift toward 'behind...
australian grid

Australian grid evolving to decrease congestion

The Australian and New South Wales governments have invested $7 million in developing the energy grid.
battery storage

Eggshells, the answer to battery storage

Eggshells could be a cheap alternative in renewable energy storage options say Murdoch University researchers

Utility boosts customer numbers with broadband offering

Origin Energy is attracting customers with a convenient broadband offering.

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