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Saudi Arabia COVID-19

Ed’s Note: We’re all in this together

It has been heartening to see the positive steps taken by multiple utilities around the world to reduce the stress on consumers by allaying fears of cut-off due to lack of payment, while reassuring them that services will continue unabated.
self-driving vehicles

Consumer confidence in autonomous vehicles remain low, despite tech innovations

J.D Power has released the results of a study conducted to understand consumer sentiments about self-driving vehicles.
grid integration

The world’s first blockchain use case for vehicle identification

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative has partnered with automakers to develop a Proof of Concept for a blockchain-based vehicle identity platform.
UK EV adoption

More than half of Brits would buy an EV “at the right price” –...

A new survey by Yougov has shown that more than half (57%) of Brits would consider purchasing an EV provided it was “at the right price”
revenue protection, energy distribution

Factors impacting utility profits on distributed resources

Accenture has issued the results of its survey investigating the impact of digital technologies on the earnings of energy distribution companies. The study, Digitally Enabled Grid research programme, in its fifth year, is based on a...
Ozarks Electric Cooperative

Arkansas utility sets record in UAV grid inspection

Ozarks Electric Cooperative has selected Honeywell's Aerospace and Process Solutions Smart Energy to optimise monitoring and management of its grid network.