The central role of interoperability for a competitive, innovative and sustainable...

The panel offers insights into the importance, but elusiveness of grid interoperability as the grid becomes ever-more sophisticated, to allow competition, innovation and adaptability to take root in the modern US energy market.
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Avangrid Renewables announces new president and CEO

Avangrid Renewables has announced that Alejandro de Hoz, currently the company’s vice president of Offshore Wind, will take over as President & CEO.

PPL and Avangrid tight-lipped on merger talks to form largest US...

US and UK utility PPL Corporation has held initial talks about the possibility of merging with a Connecticut utility Avangrid according to media reports.
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Avangrid announces $2.5 billion grid resilience plan

US utility, Avangrid Networks, service provider to 3.2 million customers, is developing a comprehensive and robust resiliency plan to reduce the impact of storms...

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