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Interpreter Universal AMR Register

The 3G Interpreter™ register takes advantage of a utility’s existing meter base by easily retrofitting newer meter bodies with 3G technology. With auto-activation and the elimination of wires, our ConnectionFree™ design makes installation a snap. The Interpreter replaces the original register on most any current installed meter such as Sensus, Neptune, Badger, AMCO/Elster, Hersey, and Precision.

Badger Meter acquires GALAXY AMI technology

[img:meeusen.thumbnail.jpg|Richard Meeusen,
President & CEO,
Badger Meter
]Neuffen, Germany --- (METERING.COM) --- April 8, 2008 – Badger Meter, Inc. has acquired the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology used in the GALAXY® fixed base network meter reading system from Miltel Communications Ltd. of Israel.

“We are seeing a growing interest in fixed base network AMI systems in the water utility industry,” said Richard A. Meeusen, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Badger Meter. “We have worked closely with Miltel Communications to evolve the GALAXY product line into one of the most advanced communication technologies in the industry. Acquiring the AMI technology from Miltel is a logical next step that enables us to invest in continuing to grow and enhance this product line.

Question: What do the following people have in common?

Question: What do the following people have in common?

  • Scott Blackburn, AMI Business Manager, FP&L
  • Jana Corey, Director, AMI Initiatives, PG&E
  • Paul de Martini, Director of AMI Inivitatives, SCE
  • David Harkness, Vice President & CIO, PNM Resources
  • Jim Jones, Vice President & CIO, GR Energy


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Metering the smart grid for the smart customer

The event will bring together an expected 600 key decision-makers from the North American utility industry for a host of activities including workshops, conferences, training, lectures, networking and a trade show. This unique platform will provide strategic insights on the technologies and trends allowing utilities to METER THE SMART GRID FOR THE SMART CUSTOMER.    

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Badger Meter elects new officers

[img:badger.thumbnail.jpg| ]Badger Meter, Inc. has announced that Gregory M. Gomez has been elected vice president - engineering, and Raymond G. Serdynski has been elected vice president - manufacturing.

Gomez, 43, has served as director of engineering since May 2007. He joined Badger Meter in 1984 as an intern with the Inroads program while a student at Marquette University. Following his graduation from Marquette with a degree in electrical engineering, he held several engineering positions at Badger Meter. He is a member of the Automatic Meter Reading Association and the Wisconsin Association of Research Management.

Remote reading of water meters on the increase

[img:Midwest%20Meter.thumbnail.jpg| ]Edinburg, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- July 16, 2007 – Midwest Meter Inc., a distributor of water meters, meter reading systems and related water-service products, is seeing an increased interest in its services, with a number of trials and projects underway.

The company is active in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri, installing Orion meters by Badger Meters or retrofitting existing meters so that they can be read remotely by RF, using a drive-by system. Utilities moving to remote reading benefit from being able to accumulate data that is collected every hour, giving early warning of leaks. The system also allows any tampering with the radio fitted on to the meter to be quickly identified.

Flat rates for water a thing of the past in Chicago

[img:meeusen.thumbnail.jpg|Richard Meeusen,
President & CEO,
Badger Meter
]Chicago, IL, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- July 13, 2007 – Up to 350,000 households in Chicago pay a flat rate for water, based on lot size, number of bathrooms and hose connections – but this will change now that the city has signed a contract with Badger Meter Inc. for the provision of meters that can be read remotely.

The global water meter market in 2007

There are about 700 million water meters installed in the world – half the number of electricity meters and double the number of gas meters. About 60% of all households have a water connection, and about two-thirds of these have a water meter. However, the incidence of both domestic water connections and domestic metering varies widely, from 0% to 100% between countries, even within regions such as the EU.

These are among the findings of the 5th Edition of the ABS World Water Meter Market Report, which was published in late 2006 and forms the main source of information for the following discussion. It is important to understand that the water meter market is different and distinct from the electricity and gas metering markets. There are obvious similarities, since all meters measure something, but the markets have developed separately for different users, with different practices, different standards and different suppliers.

New RF system

New RF system

In June 2002 Badger Meter previewed OrionÒ, a new radio frequency-based automatic meter reading system. Orion is designed for maximum flexibility to meet the various system and application needs of even the smallest water municipality. With the advanced Orion technology, utility customers can easily upgrade their meter reading systems.

No FCC licensing is required. Optional features like leak detection and GPS mapping programmes are offered, so that customers can tailor Orion to fit their system’s needs.

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