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Tadiran HLC: Long life battery power-boost

Currently, the Tadiran HLC combined with an LTC battery is the only smart metering solution with a working life of 20+ years.

Audi, EnBW partner to use “second-life” EV batteries for DER, DRM

German carmaker Audi and utility EnBW are setting up an electric car battery operation at EnBW's Heilbronn plant to build scaleable storage facilities by the end of this year, drawing on retired batteries to help power grids.
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Battery specialists InoBat Auto gets €5 million govt. funding for Slovakian...

InoBat Auto, an R&D and battery production company providing new energy solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), has secured €5 million (approximately $4.5 million) in funding from the Slovakian government to build an R&D centre to support the development of a 10GWh Gigafactory in the country – the world’s biggest car producer per capita.

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