Ed’s note: Which generation is the most tech-savvy?

Just how much of an impact do generational divisions have on digital engagement? Are some generations more open to digital than others?...
energy bills

Not just nappies – a new baby means a 33% higher...

A new baby at home is a joy for many UK parents, and according to a new study, they’re also the reason why new parents may see their energy bills increase by as much as a third.
Cisco utility

Oracle Utilities unveils new CIS products

The utility industry is undergoing a massive evolution as utility customers are becoming more active consumers and producers.
gas-fired power generation

New Jersey utility seeks recovery to grid reinforcement investments

New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) has filed a petition with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to increase its energy tariffs.
water utilities

15-year deal helps city run a more informed water utility

In the US state of Tennessee, the City of Millington has embarked on a project to modernise its water metering infrastructure and customer engagement platforms.
uk customers

New report highlights potential savings for smart UK customers

According to a new report by UK energy consultancy Delta-ee, and Smart Energy GB, UK customers may save up to a fifth of their annual energy bills.

ZIV’s future-proofed smart meter: Turning data into a smarter grid

Txetxu Arzuaga, metering business development manager, ZIV, explores a future-proofed smart meter

ADB plans to upscale Indian satellite-based smart meters project

Asian Development Bank is planning to scale up a satellite-based smart meters project, implemented in a village in Uttar Pradesh

Restaurants use three times the energy of average commercial building

Restaurants are the most energy-intensive commercial building type in the US, according to the Energy Information Administration. Restaurants consume three times the energy of an...
digital electricity

Mark-E: Germany’s first offer of a “digital electricity tariff”

Only customers in Hagen, Herdecke and Märkischer Kreis, can use the new tariff, available online since 1 October  2018.

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