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ARENA seeks public input to deliver Bioenergy Roadmap

ARENA will be working alongside ENEA Consulting and Deloitte to gather input from the public to develop the country’s Bioenergy Roadmap.
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New EU industrial strategy bodes well for industry says Bioenergy Europe

Energy non-profit Bioenergy Europe has released a statement welcoming the new European Industrial Strategy, which provides important reference for the development of the European industry.

SoCalGas adds more cows to energy mix – 75,000 now powering...

SoCalGas and Calgren Dairy Fuels have increased the number of farms and cows to produce more renewable natural gas.

How China is turning up the heat on waste

As the world is shifting toward adopting sustainable and effective methods to tackling the global waste crisis, innovative designs and forward thinking developments are being made within the waste-to-energy sector in China.

Renewable Energy Group shuts down Texas biodiesel plant

Renewable Energy Group is closing its New Boston, Texas biorefinery due to challenging business conditions and continued federal policy uncertainty, most notably...
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New £21 million energy research centre to boost UK low-carbon transition

The centre will develop next generation, affordable carbon capture technologies, and allow global companies and startups access to advanced testing facilities, and to collaborate with academics for the further development of renewable energy, bioenergy, and smart grid technologies.
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The UK won’t reach greenhouse targets without bioenergy – report

The UK will not be able to achieve its greenhouse gas emissions targets, nor its legally-binding Fifth Carbon Budget without the increased use of bioenergy.
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Europe’s first carbon capture storage project announced

Drax has announced that it is to pilot the first bioenergy carbon capture storage (BECCS) project of its kind in Europe, which, if successful,...

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