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Proof-of-stake blockchains – not all are equal

New research has investigated the energy consumptions of leading proof-of-stake consensus distributed ledger technologies.
Bitcoin miners launch energy council

Bitcoin miners’ energy council launches

The Bitcoin Mining Council is intended as an open forum to bring transparency to the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin miners propose to standardise energy reporting

North American bitcoin miners have agreed to form the Bitcoin Mining Council to promote energy usage transparency.

Clean energy mining pool to launch for ‘green Bitcoin’

Crypto companies Argo Blockchain and DMG Blockchain Solutions are partnering to launch the clean energy powered mining pool Terra Pool.

The Bitcoin energy challenge

As the Bitcoin price surges so does the energy consumption as mining increases, but management and regulatory options are possible.

‘Cryptocurrency mining as a service’ proposed to maximise renewable energy output

The US startup Digital Power-Optimization is seeking to secure under-utilised renewable power generation assets.
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Renewables powers almost 40% of proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining

Renewable energies, particularly hydro, are powering a growing share of Bitcoin and other proof-of-work mined cryptoassets.

3 Phase rate hike targets cryptocurrency miners

In the US  state of Washington, Grant County Public Utility District (Grant PUD) will be hitting cryptocurrency miners and other “evolving-industry” firms with the first of a three-year, graduated increase to a new, above-cost electric rate. The aims...

The GRANTHAM protocol: an executive’s guide when considering blockchain

If you are involved in the future of energy, then you will have heard of blockchain, a decentralised technology that is offering the promise of transforming every aspect of our industry’s value chain, writes...

How blockchain tech is easing Bitcoin’s burden on the grid

Blockchain uses a lot of electricity. So much so that Bitcoin transactions alone put pressure on the grid. As power companies work to adapt to this new technology, Maher Chebbo, chief business innovation officer...