‘Cryptocurrency mining as a service’ proposed to maximise renewable energy output

The US startup Digital Power-Optimization is seeking to secure under-utilised renewable power generation assets.
digital currency mining

Renewables powers almost 40% of proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining

Renewable energies, particularly hydro, are powering a growing share of Bitcoin and other proof-of-work mined cryptoassets.

3 Phase rate hike targets cryptocurrency miners

In the US  state of Washington, Grant County Public Utility District (Grant PUD) will be hitting cryptocurrency miners and other “evolving-industry” firms with the first of a...

The GRANTHAM protocol: an executive’s guide when considering blockchain

If you are involved in the future of energy, then you will have heard of blockchain, a decentralised technology that is offering the promise...

How blockchain tech is easing Bitcoin’s burden on the grid

Blockchain uses a lot of electricity. So much so that Bitcoin transactions alone put pressure on the grid. As power companies work to adapt...

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