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2021 predictions

Top 3 megatrends to shape utility investments in 2021

A new Black & Veatch report examines three megatrends that are setting the stage for utility transformation over the next decade.
Electric power

Five key threats to grid reliability in Asia’s electric industry

Black & Veatch has released a new report highligthing the five key threats to grid reliability in Asia’s electric industry.
climate change

Drought, flood and fire: planning for a changing climate

Water utilities reassessing assumptions about system resilience due to the effects of extreme weather associated with climate change.
power industry

Issues and trends impacting today’s power industry

Black & Veatch examines key issues and trends impacting today's power industry.
power sector

Top 3 trends disrupting Asia’s power sector

Asia's power sector has reassessed its energy transition strategies by accelerating utility digital transformation, according to Black & Veatch.
digital ebook

Black & Veatch publishes new eBook on the shift to ‘one...

Engineering and consulting firm Black & Veatch has published a new ebook that explores the shift to digital technologies by multiple sectors.
smart utility network

US utilities to intensify digital water programmes – here’s why

Black & Veatch has released the results of a new report exploring the adoption of digital technologies by US water utilities.
Digital transfornation

Digital transformation reframes Asia Pacific’s water industry

Digital transformation offers the water industry an opportunity to provide reliable and sustainable water supply by optimising distribution systems.
new jersey grid modernisation

New report highlights strategic directions for smart utilities

A new report explores the role of data and advanced communication technologies in helping utilities to optimise the efficiency of grid networks.
free electrons

Seven energy startups selected for IgniteX Cleantech Accelerator

Black & Veatch has selected some seven innovative technology startups to join it’s IgniteX Cleantech Accelerator.

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