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Brexit causes power price hikes as interconnector use drops

Britain’s exit from the EU has resulted in reduced trading on the electricity interconnectors between GB and Ireland and increased the frequency of extreme prices.
power exchanges

Brexit temporarily decouples GB’s energy trading from European power exchanges

As a result of Brexit, Britain's internal and cross-border trading has been temporarily decoupled from European power exchanges.

UK-EU Brexit agreement – energy sector business as usual

Under the UK-EU ‘Brexit’ trade and cooperation agreement little if any changes are anticipated to the evolution of the respective energy sectors.
covid brexit

Will COVID-19 and Brexit derail UK’s net zero journey?

What role will decarbonisation and sustainable development play in helping the UK amid COVID-19 and Brexit? Daniel Atzori explains.

Storm warning

More interconnectors, intermittent renewables, rising prices, COVID-19 and Brexit all mean this could be a turbulent energy winter ahead warns Jean-Paul Harreman.

WindEurope briefing on EU-UK energy future released

WindEurope has released a briefing on what can be expected in the European and UK wind markets

Brexit considerations for the energy sector

With MPs due to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on Saturday, businesses are trying to navigate what this might mean for their respective sectors.

Brexit miring energy innovation suggests new study by Schneider Electric

Almost a third of businesses suffered delays in projects in the last year as a result of the political and economic uncertainty created by Brexit - study
EU Climate change

Could Brexit cost the EU its climate goals?

According to new research from the UK’s University of Sheffield, that may be the case, with findings suggesting the breakaway from the European Union may potentially weaken regulations.
Brexit renewable energy

Businesses enthusiastic about post-Brexit energy market

A range of businesses met with UK Energy Minster Andrea Leadsom at her first business round table meeting, including business heads an representatives from Scottish Power, INEOS, General Electric, and construction firm Laing o’ Rourke, the holding company for SUNshift, a mobile solar plant specialist.