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SCE expands storage capacity to enhance resilience against harsh weather

Southern California Edison is expanding its portfolio of energy storage capacity to enhance the resilience of its grid network against harsh weather conditions.

California ISO turns to blockchain to enhance flexibility alerting

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has implemented Energy Web’s blockchain technology in its Flex Alerts programme.

PG&E pilots new ‘linear generator’ in Napa microgrid

The linear generator utilising natural gas and directed renewable biogas is designed to displace diesel in mobile generation applications.
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California needs 1.2 million public EV chargers by 2030

Approximately 7.5 million passenger plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are anticipated on California roads by 2030.
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California regulator funds expansion of EV charging and DR capabilities

There has been a significant increase in EV-related funding to prepare the infrastructure required to ensure an increase in the uptake of EVs

Apple gets into energy storage

Apple, long touting itself at the forefront of the clean energy drive, claims one of the largest battery storage projects in US.

Microgrid for California wastewater treatment plant

A combined biogas cogen and solar generation powered microgrid is under development for the City of Rialto’s wastewater services

Californian utilities to modernise solar Net Energy Metering programme

Three major US utilities have plans to upgrade a 25-year old solar energy programme for consumers in California.
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California’s Glendale Water & Power unveils grid stability plan

Glendale Water & Power has selected Franklin Energy to ensure the participation of its customers in maintaining the reliability of the grid.

PG&E to install AI-enabled storage optimisation platform

Pacific Gas & Electric is to deploy Fluence’s AI trading platform for optimisation and market bidding services for its 182.5MW/730MWh Moss Landing battery system.