California community solar

California mandates solar for new homes, but residents have an alternative

SMUD has lauded the CEC approval of its Neighborhood SolarShares community solar programme for the 2019 Building Standards, opening the door to community solar.
Bank of America

ENGIE helps California’s State Fund launch 2nd phase of sustainability plan

State Funh has partnered with utility ENGIE and professional services firm JLL to implement the second phase of its sustainability strategy.
PG&E bankruptcy

PG&E files June 2020 bankruptcy recovery plan

PG&E submitted regulatory and court filings outlining the key elements of the company's updated Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganisation.
Badger meter

Building resilience in water systems

Imagine a time when water utilities have to enforce dramatic usage restrictions or even shut off water to millions of customers. Some California citizens are already experiencing that future with electricity. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen in the water sector?
PG&E bankruptcy

PG&E wants 20 microgrids ahead of 2020 wildfires

Beleaguered US utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) wants a total of 20 microgrids ready and operational at 20 of its substations ahead of the 2020 autumn wildfire season.

“No one is ever going to outdo California and the energy...

Former State Senator Pro Tem Kevin de León considered the California Energy Commission (CEC) a longtime partner in the efforts to champion California’s global leadership in combating climate change and building a 100 percent clean energy economy.
California energy efficient

Ruling sees California lead US transition to energy-efficient lighting

A US federal judge has rejected a petition from the country’s National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and the American Lighting Association, clearing the way for the rollout of energy efficient lightbulbs across the state.
supply chain

Best practices to bolster cybersecurity of the US electric grid

The Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and the Environment has released a new study which identifies how US states and utilities...

Empowering customers to drive positive change

SoCalGas began work with Oracle Opower in 2013 to design an energy efficiency behavioural programme for its customers to empower them.
EDPR California

EDP Renewables, Shell New Energy sign PPA for California solar

EDP Renewables North America and Shell Energy North America have closed on a 15-year power PPA for the construction of 200MW Solar Park

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