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Cape Town: Growthpoint takes property off-grid using underground spring

Despite Cape Town recording a significant increase in dam water levels owing to recent rainfall, efforts to avoid straining supply from the main grid continue. As of 19 July 2018, Cape Town’s overall water dam...
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Prepaid meters and penetration within Southern Africa’s water sector

Peter Rodseth, managing director of Utility Systems, spoke with Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, editor of ESI-Africa, our sister publication, to share his insights regarding water management and knowing what consumers want from African utilities. During the...
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Harvesting icebergs could help Cape Town solve water shortage challenges

Marine salvage expert, Nick Sloane, presented a keynote on iceberg harvesting on day two of the African Utility Week conference, where solutions from nature were explored to address increasing energy and water constraints. “It sounds...