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Transformation and disruption are the new normal, and rapid innovation is forcing a fundamental change in how...

Capgemini and Verkor to speed up battery production in Europe

Engineering services firm Capgemini has joined Verkor to accelerate the production capacity of low-carbon batteries in Southern Europe.
Total energy storage

How battery storage and grid modernisation can accelerate the energy transition

A new report by Capgemini examines how battery storage and grid modernisation can help energy stakeholders accelerate the energy transition.
climate change

Exploring how rising uncertainties are accelerating strategic divergences

Unprecedented levels of disruption and volatility within the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry have significantly impacted organisations’ profitability and put pressure on their license to operate.
climate change

How the energy sector is helping private and public sectors achieve...

Climate change is a business-critical issue facing every organisation. For corporate players, addressing this need requires radical reinvention of business models, open collaboration, and sustainability-driven technology choices.

EDF, Capgemini to develop smart meter, smart grid services

EDF International Networks and Capgemini are partnering to develop common offerings for smart meters and smart grids.
The power and industry in pursuit of carbon neutrality

Podcast episode #8: In pursuit of carbon neutrality

In this episode, we delve into the details of Capgemini's latest World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO), and discuss the challenges and opportunities the energy market is facing.

AI set to cut GHG emissions by 16% in the next...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled use cases for climate action have the potential to help organisations fulfil up to 45% of their Economic Emission Intensity (EEI) targets of the Paris Agreement.

In pursuit of carbon neutrality: The World Energy Markets Observatory 2020

In the 2020 World Energy Markets Observatory report, Capgemini's experts analyse the challenges within the energy industry and examine how it has progressed toward a greener future.

Webinar recording: In pursuit of carbon neutrality

We invite you to join our experts as they review key findings from this year’s WEMO in a webinar: In pursuit of carbon neutrality: What the World Energy Markets Observatory reveals about our climate change and energy transition goals.
ebrd funding

Ed’s note: The sustainability opportunity

Capgemini released a report yesterday which reiterated a message that has been gaining ground over recent months; namely, that sustainability makes business...

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