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Few sectors of the European Energy Industry are changing as fast...

Biogas, synthetic gas, hydrogen and power-to-X technologies are taking the sector into exciting and uncharted waters – and that means someone needs to navigate and chart a course for the future - Kelvin Ross, editor of Power Engineering International
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South African tree 10 times better at reducing CO2 than the...

The succulent is drought-resistant, can be grown from cuttings, and hectare for hectare, can scrub 10 times the carbon dioxide than the Amazon rainforest.
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New £21 million energy research centre to boost UK low-carbon transition

The centre will develop next generation, affordable carbon capture technologies, and allow global companies and startups access to advanced testing facilities, and to collaborate with academics for the further development of renewable energy, bioenergy, and smart grid technologies.
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ExxonMobil, Global Thermostat launch industrial CO2 capture technology

ExxonMobil and Global Thermostat have announced a joint development agreement to advance breakthrough technology that can capture and concentrate carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources, including power plants, and the atmosphere.

REA says Bioenergy, carbon storage critical to UK carbon goal

REA says the UK need to use bioenergy in combination BECCS technologies to reach 2050 national net-zero emissions goal.
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Drax to use carbon emissions for something “fishy”

UK utility Drax has partnered with a biotech start-up, Deep Branch Biotechnology to explore the use of captured carbon emissions to manufacture single-cell proteins used as sustainable fish and livestock feed.
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Europe’s first carbon capture storage project announced

Drax has announced that it is to pilot the first bioenergy carbon capture storage (BECCS) project of its kind in Europe, which, if successful,...

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