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energy generation technologies

Utility unveils ‘Power BundleFlex’ for resilient energy mix

CPS Energy has launched a new approach to learn and adopt new power generation solutions over the next 20 years and beyond.
battery storage

Vermont utility uses battery storage for energy metering

Green Mountain Power, an energy provider to 265,000 consumers in the US state of Vermont, is testing how battery energy storage can...

Duke Energy announces 2018 funding for water, energy and conservation

In the US, Duke Energy is providing funding to some 26 projects to implement clean water, clean air and conservation projects in Cincinnati. The announced...
South Africa EV

SA Report: Tribologists map South Africa’s energy efficiency future

A South African Institute of Tribology study argues that changing one can of engine oil, multiplied across an entire vehicle population, can translate into significant energy savings

DEWA saves over $4.8 million annually through electricity and water conservation

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that the energy savings programme implemented in its buildings and at electricity generation and water production...

Energy regulations needed as marijuana growers drain the regional grid

State environmental regulators in Boston have written a letter to the Cannabis Control Commission requesting strict energy limits for marijuana growers, warning that the...

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