Jamaica Public Service reports benefits from smart grid technology

Jamaica Public Service reports improvements in power reliability as well as streetlighting energy efficiency.

Solar supported on St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Caribbean Development Bank is supporting the implementation of a solar energy project on St Vincent and the Grenadines.

St Kitts microgrid breaks ground

Construction of the solar + storage microgrid facility on St Kitts has commenced and the Nevis Geothermal project advances.

Geothermal – huge promise in Latin America and Caribbean

Latin America’s geothermal potential remains mostly untapped and with few exceptions progress has been sluggish, reports the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Novel natural disaster recovery insurance for Caribbean utilities

A parametric insurance product for recovery from natural disasters such as hurricanes has been developed for Caribbean utilities.

Ocean energy research moves closer in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has the ambition to become a leader in ocean energy with the PROTech project, for which RFPs are being sought.

Partnership to develop renewable energies in Latin America and Caribbean

Non-profit Greenmap and the Latin American Energy Organisation OLADE are partnering to support LAC governments to develop renewable energy programmes.

WAPA undergrounds electricity supply equipment in St Croix

Electricity supply equipment is being undergrounded in US Virgin Islands to improve the resiliency of the system to hurricanes and other events.
energy data

Energy data observatory launched for Latin America and Caribbean

An Energy Hub is launched as one of three observatories to increase the availability of data for infrastructure planning in the LAC region.
Jamaica Public Service

Jamaica’s smart meters validated

Jamaica Public Service Company’s smart meters have been cleared after customer complaints of excessive consumption and high bills.

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