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ABB plant in Frosinone, Italy

Zero waste to landfill at ABB’s LV circuit breaker facility in Italy

ABB Smart Power’s factory in Frosinone in central Italy reports achieving 'circular economy' zero production waste to landfill in two years.
circular economy

Endesa unveils first-of-a-kind circular economy academy in Spain

Endesa has launched the first circular economy academy in Spain to prepare its workforce and operations with the changing economic models that are resulting from the incorporation of sustainability in business cases.

Enel X to deliver ‘circular economy’ know-how to fashion industry

Enel X is to use its Circular Economy Report tool to develop a roadmap to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions in Italy's fashion industry.

World Population Day: The importance of the waste-to-energy relationship

World Population Day, established in 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme, is observed on 11 July every year.

Enel partners on development of ‘circular cities’ in Latin America

Enel is partnering with the International Italo-Latin American Organization (IILA) to develop circular cities in Latin America.

Ed’s note: The modern energy system and the circular economy

Do you have any thoughts on the role of the circular economy and energy? What does it mean for the use of batteries for storage and EVs?
lithium-ion batteries

New circular economy consortium to refresh EV batteries

Solvay has partnered with Veolia to create a circular value eco-system for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries in Europe.
Schneider Electric

Energy transition presents $2 trillion opportunity for manufacturers

Manufacturers can capitalise on historic transformation across energy systems, material flows, sustainability efforts, and customer demands.