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Going atomic scale with quantum computing in the power sector

Energy and utility companies are starting to look to the quantum world for the increasingly complex computational challenges facing the sector.
Grant PUD dam

Future-proofing through cloud technology

Grant PUD also serves many data centres from large multinational companies, using the cheaper power resources in Grant County.
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Cloud-based solution to help utilities supercharge business processes and customer experiences

SAP SE and Accenture have announced they are co-innovating and co-developing the new SAP Cloud for Utilities solution to help companies more effectively manage business processes and customer experiences. The initiative aims to elevate energy transition and customer experiences,...

The next data foundation for the energy cloud

The digital integration hub in 2015: Utilihive created a cloud-native platform tailored specifically for utilities, taking advantage of cloud technology.

Irish critical national infrastructure providers to up cyber defences

Ireland will be implementing new security requirements that will apply to the network and information systems within the energy sector