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Germany DER

Germany’s coal days are over – smart DER is the future, says BEE

The time of coal power in Germany is over, according to the country’s renewable energy federation, the Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie (BEE).
UK coal free

Northern Ireland coal plant to close as UK hits 1 month coal free record

EPH has confirmed that it will close its 565 MW Kilroot coal-powered plant in Northern Ireland.

Portugal goes 52 days without coal – new record

Portugal has joined the UK in smashing records for days without coal power this year, with its Pego power plant suspending power production on 14 March. This follows Portugal’s other, much larger plant, Sines, halting operations 48 days earlier on 26 January.
UK coal

UK sets new records for coal-free power, grid-fed solar, due to COVID-19

Great Britain has broken the record for the longest period of electricity generation without coal, beating the record of 18 days, 6 hours and 10 minutes set in June 2019, whilst grid-fed solar generation hit record levels,
Europe Coal

Austria shuts its final coal plant – more countries to follow

Austria has shut down it's final coal power plant eliminating the fossil fuel from energy production, and making the country the second in Europe to do so.
UK decarbonisation

UK energy sector has “fastest rate of decarbonisation in the world”

The levels of carbon emissions generated from power consumption in the UK fell by almost two-thirds in the last decade – the fastest rate of decarbonisation in the world
gas module

FERC accepts massive $3.6 billion energy storage project

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has provided Daybreak Power with an approval to develop a 2,200MW Navajo energy storage project in Arizona.

US 2020 coal closures start with a bang with two units closed in Montana

The closure of coal-powered stations in the US has started with a bang in 2020, with the announcement of the closure of two units at Montana's Colstrip Power Plant, signalling the end of one of the Western United State’s largest coal-fired plants.
uk coal record

UK: Growth in renewables pushes coal power to record 0.6% in Q2 2019

Growth in renewable energy in the UK has pushed coal use to levels last seen at the start of the industrial revolution.
UK renewable

UK sets new record – coal use down 63% April to June year-on-year

That’s according to the UK government’s Department for Energy Business and Industrial Strategy, (BEIS), which has released figures showing that coal-powered generation was a record 63% lower for the period, which would cover the spring season in the country.