China carbon emissions

China’s data centres emit as much carbon as 21 million cars...

According to a new report from Greenpeace, and the North China Electric Power University, China’s data centres appear to pose a threat to global decarbonisation.
China coal

Coal use in China to decline by 39% by 2050 –...

According to Reuters, China is expected to see total coal consumption drop 18% between 2018 and 2035, and by 39% from 2018 to 2050, as per the CNPC Economics and Technology Research Institute's latest report.
conventional energy

Conventional power generation is not the enemy

The power generation market is awash with misconceptions. Not least of which is the misconception about who “invented” electricity – noting of course that electricity is a form of energy and it occurs in nature, so technically it was never “invented”, but more accurately it was “discovered”.
UK renewable

UK sets new record – coal use down 63% April to...

That’s according to the UK government’s Department for Energy Business and Industrial Strategy, (BEIS), which has released figures showing that coal-powered generation was a record 63% lower for the period, which would cover the spring season in the country.
US coal

Ratings agency Moody’s downgrades US coal sector status to “negative”

Global economic ratings agency Moody’s opinion of US coal took an unexpected dive when the agency, citing an expected 3% decline in earnings in the second half of 2019, downgraded the industry’s trading rating, after reporting the sector as being stable in July.
renewable energy USA

Renewable capacity in the US set to double by 2030 –...

Installed renewable energy capacity in the US is set to increase to 443GW by 2030, double the current capacity, according to a new study by research firm Global Data.
India coal capacity

India’s coal capacity-needs threatens climate change goals

India expects coal-derived power will grow in capacity by 22% by the end of 2022, putting climate change goals, just recently reported as being on-track, in severe jeopardy.
power plants

UK’s SSE to close final coal-powered plant

UK “Big Six” energy company SSE will shut down its last remaining coal-fired power plant by 31 March 2020.

The Dutch import story behind Britain’s no-coal record

EnAppSys says that high carbon taxes in Britain were the key reason why the UK’s electricity system has run without coal for the last two weeks – and it adds that further no-coal records could be broken should these taxes remain at current levels.
US coal

UK coal-free record ends, but was reality TV to blame?

For the first time in just shy of two-and-a-half weeks, on Tuesday 4 June 2019, the UK had to revert to using coal power to meet the country’s energy needs.

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