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Enel inaugurates Colombia’s first grid-connected battery storage

Enel has unveiled the first battery energy storage in Colombia at the Termozipa thermal power plant about 40km north of Bogotá.

Colombia’s Empresas Públicas de Medellín pilots D-FACTS on its grid

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) is pioneering the use of the D-FACTS smart grid technology in Latin America.
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Electric vehicles take off in Colombia

Colombia is emerging as one of the leaders, if not the leader, in electric vehicle (EV) mobility in the Latin American region.

Smart metering in Colombia – costs vs benefits

A national smart meter rollout in Colombia is likely to start providing positive net benefits only from the seventh year into implementation.

Enel-Codensa inaugurates first 100% digital electrical substation in Colombia

The Portugal substation in the Engativá locality in the west of the capital Bogotá marks a milestone in the modernisation of Colombia’s electricity sector.

Call for first utility-scale energy storage in Colombia

Colombia’s first utility-scale battery storage system is planned to reinforce the transmission network in the Atlántico department.

Another 406 electric buses coming to Colombia

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has reported a second major order of 406 electric buses for delivery in the capital Bogota.

National smart meter rollout planned in Colombia

Colombia’s energy regulator Creg has drafted proposals for a rollout of smart metering across the national electricity system.
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470 electric buses in delivery in Colombia

China’s electric vehicle manufacturer BYD is delivering Colombia’s largest electric bus fleet to run in and around the capital, Bogota.

ZEBRA partnership to accelerate electric bus deployment in Latin America

The Zero Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA) aims to deploy more than 3,000 new electric buses in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.