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Centrica and Con Edison turn Brooklyn lot into energy innovation hub

Centrica and Con Edison are partnering to implement a clean energy innovation project In New York.

Con Edison lauds benefits of smart meters

New York utility Consolidated Edison has installed more than 4.1 million smart electricity and gas meters in its 5.3 million meter rollout.
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Con Edison completes $1.5bn grid resilience upgrade for New Yorkers

Con Edison has completed a grid resilience project to prepare the New York and Westchester Country network against summer disruptions.
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Con Edison signs new deal to reaffirm Clean Energy Commitment

As part of efforts by Con Edison to ensure the participation of consumers in its clean energy transition, the US utility has signed a new deal with agency Code and Theory.
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Smart meter milestone for Itron and Con Edison

US energy distribution company Con Edison has reached a new smart meter installation milestone with smart grid solutions firm Itron.
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Swell Energy kickstarts New York virtual power project with Con Edison

Swell Energy has partnered with Con Edison to launch a virtual power plant project in Quenns, New York.
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New York regulator approves Itron’s gas module for AMI and AMR rollouts

Con Edison will now deploy the 550G ERT module on its existing IoT network from Itron to improve delivery of natural gas to its customers.
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Con Edison provides smart gas detectors in New York

Con Edison is installing 376,000 smart technology natural gas detectors for customers across its New York City and Westchester County service areas.
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Con Edison, partner select control platform for New York energy storage pilot

Con Edison and GI Energy have selected a software developed by Smarter Grid Solutions for the control of a 1MW/IMWh batter energy storage project.
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Major US utilities, EPRI announce massive decarbonisation drive

The Electric Power Research Institute, Gas Technology Institute and several of the US' largest utilities have announced a five-year initiative to accelerate demonstration.