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ConEd announces $1.3 billion New York summer pandemic resilience plan

US mega-utility Con Edison (ConEd) has announced its 2020 summer resilience and energy efficiency plan for New York state.
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UK: energy bills to increase by £50 million as fixed tariffs...

Almost half a million households could see their energy bills rise by a combined total of £50 million despite economic pressures caused by COVID-19.
India blockchain

Bringing blockchain to India’s power consumers

Electricity distributor BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) has partnered with Power Ledger, a specialist in blockchain-based renewable energy trading, to install a large-scale peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading trial in Delhi, India.
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UK lockdown could cost consumers an extra £52 million a week

The UK's national shutdown to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections could cost the consumer an additional £52 million ($61 million) a week on household energy bills as an estimated 16.8 million people stay at home.
UK energy billing

UK’s poorest households pay triple for energy compared to better-offs

Lower-income households are paying as much as three times more for energy in terms of percentage of disposable income, than their most affluent neighbours.

Ofgem locked consumers into paying more for longer – report

The UK's electricity network companies have provided a good service under Ofgem’s regulation says Britain's National Audit Office, however, the cost to consumers has been greater than it should have been.

UK ESO embarks on world’s first-of-a-kind approach to grid stability

UK's National has agreed on contracts with five parties, in what it says is a world-first approach to managing the stability of the electricity system.
small businesses

UK’s largest sector most at risk of dirty tricks – report

1.5 million British businesses face a greater risk of having their energy supply disconnected than the average household

Ofgem’s tougher price controls to limit network owner revenue

The price controls set the revenue framework defining expected returns for network owners from charges to consumers.

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