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new south wales

New South Wales to accelerate the pace of the energy transition...

Cornwall Insight Australia states that the energy transition in New South Wales over the next decade will need to gather pace significantly.
energy demand

Energy demand increases as lockdown restrictions lifted

The COVID-19 lockdown had a significant impact on Great Britain’s energy demand, causing it to drop by almost 15-20% compared to the previous year.

Recommendations to Ofgem regarding regional flexibility and local price controls

Ofgem will need to decide the extent to which the regulatory framework facilitates or drives the transition to DSOs, says Cornwall Insights.
energy tariff

Feed-in tariff costs set to rise to an all-time high

Feed-in Tariff costs for the upcoming quarterly levelisation* could reach an all-time high, covering the period April – June 2020.
balancing mechanism and demand response

The effects of lockdown on the balancing mechanism

During April and May 2020, the volume of accepted actions in the Balancing Mechanism more than doubled compared to the same time last year.

How to get households involved in grid balancing

Oliver Archer, a senior analyst at Cornwall Insight, looks at the potential benefits and flexibility models available to domestic customers.

The UK records £51m in cost to balance the grid during...

Amid ongoing lockdown measures, demand for power in GB remains low and continues to weaken as the UK heads towards the summer months

COVID-19 impacts on the TPI industry

While the discussion continues around the impacts of COVID-19 on energy suppliers, the effects have reached all parts of the energy value chain.

COVID-19 impacts on low-carbon investments

Daniel Atzori, research partner at Cornwall Insight, comments on the likely impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in low-carbon infrastructure finance and investor confidence.
renewable energy generators

COVID-19 reduces revenues for renewable energy generators

Research from Cornwall Insight’s Green Power Forecast reveals there has been a sharp decline in revenues for renewable energy generators.

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