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EVs and electricity demand

Electric vehicles to increase Britain’s electricity demand by 31 times by 2040

As a result of an increase in electric vehicle use across Britain, electricity demand from the transport sector will increase by 31 times by 2040 from the current levels
natural gas

EU natural gas prices to soar to record levels during winter

The prices of natural gas across Europe are expected to continue increasing this year to reach a new record level during winter.
energy supplier

Energy supplier consolidation expected to continue in the UK

The UK’s energy supply market has been undergoing a period of consolidation, with the number of fully licensed suppliers falling to under 50 from a high of 62 in 2018.

Green energy companies now powering over 65% of UK households

UK households with ‘green’ suppliers – those only offering energy tariffs backed by REGOs – increased from less than 20% in 2017 to 65% in 2021
low carbon

UK’s electricity policy costs disincentivise transition to low-carbon solutions

The application of policy costs onto the electricity bill is a significant disincentive to the transition to low-carbon heating solutions
renewable energy

UK’s renewable energy and storage pipeline expands to 86GW

The pipeline of renewable energy and storage projects across England, Scotland and Wales currently stands at 86GW - Cornwall Insight.
wind energy

Australian state of Victoria doubles wind in generation mix in four years

Over the last four years, the wind contribution to the generation mix in the state of Victoria has grown significantly - Cornwall Insight.
energy system

75% agree the energy sector needs a system architect – Is this the right...

The majority of attendees of Cornwall Insight's 'Financing net-zero business forum', have agreed that the sector needs a system architect.
REGOs prices

Green certificates survey finds REGO prices on the rise

REGOs have recovered slightly from the fall that occurred due to COVID-19, according to Cornwall Insight’s Green Certificates survey.
balancing mechanism

UK’s balancing mechanism sees an annual increase in smaller participants

There has been a notable level of entry into the Balancing Mechanism from smaller providers across battery storage, gas reciprocating engines and aggregated units in 2020