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UK EV sales break records in 2019 – report

Electric vehicle (EV) sales bucked the overall 2019 trend of falling car sales with figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) showing that battery electric vehicles (BEVs) registrations have risen by 144% to 37,850.

DSOs role and the UK’s energy flexibility market

A new whitepaper looks at the role of DSOs and how they will evolve if flexibility exchange platforms – tools which enable providers to trade flexibility in multiple markets – become widespread.
energy prices

The UK records negative wholesale prices for the first time

On 9 December the UK experienced a negative day-ahead trading price for the first time
connected home

Energy connected homes services set for substantial growth

The market for connected home devices is set to grow substantially over the next five years, according to new research from Cornwall Insight.
smart meter rollout

The seven key benefits of SMETS smart meters

We spoke with Oliver Archer, an analyst at Cornwall Insight, regarding the benefits of SMETS smart meters and this what he had to say:
UK smart meter

UK smart meter rollout hits 15.6 million mark – BEIS

As at the end of September, 15.6 million smart meters have been installed and are operational in the UK
Duke investor relations

AMI Penetration and communication protocols

The penetration of AMI meters, the different communication protocols used in various regions, reasons for their adoption and some of the challenges being faced in adopting the standards.

Brexit considerations for the energy sector

With MPs due to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on Saturday, businesses are trying to navigate what this might mean for their respective sectors.
northern ireland

Renewable growth drives common goals for electricity networks across the globe

A new whitepaper looks at the deployment of renewable energy in Australia, Ireland and Great Britain
BREXIT, smart meter

A smart meter every 7 seconds to equip 85% of UK...

The UK needs to install a smart meter every seven seconds to reach 85% of UK 2024 installation target, according to Cornwall Insight.

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