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wind capacity

The UK to install 1.3GW of new wind capacity this winter...

Forecasts using Cornwall Insight's Renewables pipeline tracker report shows that a total of 1.3GW of new wind capacity could come online in the UK this winter.
battery electric vehicles

Could COVID-19 positively impact future EV sales?

Research by Cornwall Insight shows battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in 2020 have already grown 76.1% on the whole of 2019.
great britain transmission

Great Britain could become a net exporter of power by 2040s

Cornwall Insight predicts that by the 2040s Great Britain could be an annual net exporter of power to the EU through its interconnectors.
domestic market energy

Shake-up in UK energy suppliers domestic market share

Research from Cornwall Insight’s Domestic market share survey for the third quarter of 2020 reveals a shake-up of the energy retail landscape, following a spate of mergers and acquisitions.
carbon-neutral energy

Electricity generation is transforming with net-zero

Cornwall Insight has released the net zero paradox – challenges of designing markets to bring forward low marginal cost resources report.
renewables obligation

Renewables Obligation Certificate market risks being oversupplied

The Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) supply and demand gap will be narrower in the 2020-21 compliance period than in previous years, due to lower overall electricity demand expectations.

Batteries see 149% increase in balancing mechanism activity

A new Balancing Mechanism report reveals significant changes in the technology type providing balancing actions to the National Grid.
Enel acquisitions and mergers

Acquisitions set to change non-domestic energy market landscape

A new research into the non-domestic energy supply market share highlights a changing market share landscape due to recent acquisitions.
Europe energy demand

Britain’s energy demand reaches last year’s levels for the first time...

Lockdown measures created a sudden fall in energy demand at the end of March and into April, with demand falling by ~15% below 2019 levels.
capacity market

New competition for upcoming Capacity Market auctions

Recent changes in Capacity Market rules and the tech mix will see greater competition and change in the technology entering the T-4 auction.

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