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Green cryptocurrency mining demonstrated

Energy Web and research laboratory Protocol Labs have reported showcasing an open source solution for decentralised renewable purchasing by crypto miners.
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Renewables powers almost 40% of proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining

Renewable energies, particularly hydro, are powering a growing share of Bitcoin and other proof-of-work mined cryptoassets.
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World’s first service node to meet blockchain network’s growing demand

Soluna Technologies, a company utilising the blockchain-economy with low-cost renewable energy, is launching its utility-scale blockchain computing facility integrated with its own renewable energy resources. Soluna plans to develop its own 900MW wind farm...
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Solving power’s crypto conundrum: how blockchain technology can help ease Bitcoin’s burden on the...

Blockchain uses a lot of electricity. So much so that Bitcoin transactions alone put pressure on the grid, said Maher Chebbo, chief business innovation officer for Global Digital Energy at GE. This article first appeared...

How blockchain tech is easing Bitcoin’s burden on the grid

Blockchain uses a lot of electricity. So much so that Bitcoin transactions alone put pressure on the grid. As power companies work to adapt to this new technology, Maher Chebbo, chief business innovation officer...

Hydro-Québec denies crypto miners amid high electricity demand

Canadian electricity provider Hydro- Québec will temporarily cease processing requests from cryptocurrency miners in order to ensure sufficient energy supply to the province. Blockchain companies are currently placing a great deal of pressure on the...

First blockchain powered, decentralised platform to incentivise green energy

Greeneum has created the world's first blockchain-powered sustainable, scalable and secure energy and data trading platform; which contributes a major step towards supporting renewable energy. To protect contributors and bring greater transparency to these...
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New digital token to accelerate global transition to solar

Sun Exchange, a blockchain-based solar micro-leasing marketplace, has introduced SUNEX, a new digital network token built for the Sun Exchange platform. The SUNEX network token is utilised in the new Sun Exchange Solar Project Insurance...

Cryptocurrency miners to pay more for power in New York

The New York state has announced a higher tariff for cryptocurrency miners in smaller towns, in response to the heavy power load needed for mining operations. The decision follows a petition from the New York...