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UK’s SSE Enterprise launches new energy supply and demand platform

UK manufacturers, building managers, local councils and other large energy users could generate thousands of pounds of income from their assets for helping manage local electricity supply and demand thanks to a new smart grid, aggregation and trading platform SSE Enhance.
UK net zero

UK’s National Grid lays out 2050 scenarios – ‘requires immediate action’

National Grid ESO has published its latest annual energy system forecast to 2050, the country’s target year for complete decarbonisation, in which three of four projected scenarios see the country meet the target, but with several urgent actions and considerations required.

Audi, EnBW partner to use “second-life” EV batteries for DER, DRM

German carmaker Audi and utility EnBW are setting up an electric car battery operation at EnBW's Heilbronn plant to build scaleable storage facilities by the end of this year, drawing on retired batteries to help power grids.
cooling solutions

UK research shows how smart homes can boost demand response

New research by Loughborough University reveals significant positive impacts of smart energy technologies in the home, including carbon reductions, energy bill savings, and improved system resilience.
US Distributed energy storage

US utilities ready for a pandemic-stricken summer says NERC

US energy regulatory authority the NERC says the country is ready for an 'unprecedented summer' despite disruptions to preparations and the threat to the health and safety of critical industry workers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
US virtual power plant

Louisiana’s SWEPCO test virtual power plant using solar & storage DER

SimpliPhi Power has announced a new partnership with Helia Technologies to deploy intelligent energy solar + storage systems at a demonstration project in Shreveport, Louisiana.
utility covid-19

IEEE whitepaper addresses COVID-19 challenges for utilities

The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), has released a free new white paper titled "Sharing Knowledge on Electrical Energy Industry’s First Response to COVID-19", to share insights to assist utilities and operators meet the challenges posed by the pandemic.

ConEd announces $1.3 billion New York summer pandemic resilience plan

US mega-utility Con Edison (ConEd) has announced its 2020 summer resilience and energy efficiency plan for New York state.
UK grid resilience

UK: Maintaining flexible power system ‘critical to avoiding power cuts’

Independent analysis, conducted via Imperial Consultants, by academics from Imperial College London has shown the importance flexibility in avoiding power cuts, and how a variety of energy technologies rose to the challenge in the first quarter of 2020.
India modernisation

The changing face of India’s power sector

India is becoming an increasingly influential driver of trends in the global power sector, writes Kelvin Ross. With its energy demand set to double by 2040 and its electricity demand potentially even tripling, it will cement its role as a game-changer in global energy markets.