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Digital Energy Festival for Africa

energy storage

Energy storage adoption in Africa

Battery prices are falling steadily, but at what point does battery energy storage become truly financially viable?

Satellite imagery used for electricity consumption forecasting in Africa for the first time in...

The new service from e-GUIDE, a collaboration between The Rockefeller Foundation and four leading universities, helps utilities and system planners improve the planning and provision of electricity in Africa. The Electricity Consumption Prediction service for...
eskom ceo

Eskom CEO’s push for cost-reflective tariffs welcomed at Digital African Utility Week

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter’s move toward cost-reflective tariffs instead of leaning on taxpayers to subsidise the state utility was welcomed at the opening session of Digital Africa Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa.

Webinar recording: Smart energy reimagining your digital utility

Advice for utilities to achieve cost reduction, revenue management and enhanced customer services when pivoting to digital.
enlit africa

African Utility Week announces new brand and vision: Enlit Africa

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa has unveiled its new name, identity and vision, Enlit Africa, during the opening session of the digital edition of the event.
energy management

Webinar recording: Smart prepaid metering solution – Improve energy management

We will explore how to improve energy management utilising the latest in smart prepaid technology, while keeping your customer front and centre.

Scaling up current innovations to meet the energy demand

Over the past decade, tens of millions of people across Africa and Asia have gained access to electricity and cleaner cooking for the first time, in large part due to technology and business model innovation.
energy sector

Keynote address TODAY: Africa’s transitioning energy sector

This AUW session will explore what is the future for independent power producers and generation as a whole in the African energy sector.

Digital Energy Festival: The countdown starts for #DAUW…

The countdown to the continent’s largest gathering space for the utility industry has started with an announcement that Eskom’s CEO will be in a one-on-one session during the event’s opening session on 24 November.
eskom ceo

Eskom CEO answers tough questions at Digital African Utility Week

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter will open up about his time so far at South Africa’s state utility.