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How digital twins can enhance asset management for DSOs

Can a digital version of a real-world asset make the life of DSOs easier? Yes, says Bram Alkema, Business Development Manager at Nexans.

Norway’s BKK Nett to advance power grid digital twin

Norwegian distributions system operator (DSO) BKK Nett is to further develop and test the new Kognitwin Grid digital twin.

Digital twins for energy modelling of US buildings

Digital models of the 129 million buildings across the US are now available for owners for energy management purposes.

Norway’s Tensio to trial power grid digital twin

Norwegian distribution system operator Tensio is to undertake a six-month trial of the new Kognitwin Grid digital twin.

What an ‘intelligent hurricane’ can uncover

When detailed data can be captured about interconnected infrastructure systems, utility managers will be able to make better informed decisions in times of crisis.

Northern Gas Networks to implement digital twin for distribution network

Northern Gas Networks is to model its gas distribution networks with a digital twin as part of its digitalisation drive.

Tasmania’s distribution network to get a digital twin

TasNetworks plans to use a digital twin to improve the management and maintenance of its power distribution network.
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Grid futurability

Resilient, open and sustainable – these are the key features of #gridfuturability according to Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks Division, Enel Group.
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Ed’s note: Is the future of the energy transition dependent on regulation?

Grid Futurability is the name Enel have given to the transformation of passive distribution networks into smart grids by combining the use of traditional equipment with advanced digital solutions. All of this to make...

Digital twins for smart city planning to be innovated

Smart city digital twins to get a boost in a strategic alliance between infrastructure engineering software company Bentley Systems and Microsoft.