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Itron expands distributed intelligence ecosystem with Grid4C app

Itron announced an expansion to its portfolio of distributed intelligence applications with the addition of Grid4C's AI software
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Sign up for a live virtual tour of Itron’s distributed intelligence lab

Real-time distributed intelligence (DI) and grid-fed data insights are more important than ever. Join Itron's exclusive virtual tour of their Distributed Intelligence lab on Thursday 4 June to see DI use cases and applications in real-time.
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UK utility signs deal to optimise DER integration and control

UK utility Western Power Distribution has signed a deal with Smarter Grid Solutions to digitise its grid network. The utility will deploy the solution provider's ANM Strata software across its entire network in South Wales,...
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MidAmerican Energy adds fault indicators on grid lines

US based MidAmerican Energy is adding hundreds of smart devices to electric lines to help restore service more quickly if an outage occurs. The project will help the utility to easily and quickly locate the...