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US DOE announces funding to train DER, first response workers

The US DoE) has announced $4.5 million in training funding for utility professionals who work with distributed energy resources.
TVA renewable energy

Grid-tied solar, wind to drive new capacity growth in 2020 – report

International research agency IHS Markit estimates that there will be 290GW of net power capacity added globally in 2020, growing by 5% more than in 2019.
Europe wind energy

Wind blows to new record levels in Europe – report

New data from energy market analyst EnAppSys showed that wind power amounted to an average output of 85.4GW – equivalent to over two hundred 400MW coal units of power generation – in February 2020.
oil tankers

Are oil tankers part of the renewable energy future?

Old oil tankers can be repurposed to generate energy, amongst other renewable energy, natural gas and desalination solutions.
global sales

EV’s show significant benefits to ratepayers

As electric vehicle sales increase (81% over 2017), industry observers are finding additional benefits
lead-acid batteries

New brief shows role of lead batteries in future energy business

Essential Energy Everyday has published a brief highlighting the role lead batteries will play in storing renewable energy. The brief states the energy sector will rely heavily on lead batteries for storage as the anticipated...
lead-acid batteries

PG&E selects partner for world’s largest energy storage plant

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) has selected esVolta to develop an energy storage system in Santa Clara County, California. esVolta will develop, build, and operate the Hummingbird Energy Storage project, a 75MW / 300MWh...
startup accelerator

Enel secures over £1 billion in funding for renewable energy subsidiary

In Italy, Enel Green Power has signed an agreement with F2i infrastructure fund to finance the expansion of solar PV operator EF Solare. The refinancing of EF Solare Italia’s debt will enable the optimisation of...