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New battery storage ‘matching’ app launched for utilities

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has announced a new battery ‘match’ service to help utility companies and other energy storage projects choose the most suitable battery systems as partners for their energy storage schemes.
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America, Europe & Asia-Pacific powered 74% of distributed energy storage

A new report from Navigant Research says the mostly first-world nations on these continents were behind the growth of the distributed energy storage industry, but this was aided by government support early on.

Kinetic charging and the evolution of the EV sector in Europe

Ilan Ben-David of Chakratec discusses the technological challenges and solutions in the electric vehicle industry and the convergence of the electricity sector and the automotive industry.
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Brazil pilots distributed storage to expand clean generation on archipelago

Brazilian energy distribution company, Neoenergia Group, has selected smart energy storage firm NEC Energy Solutions for the supply of a distributed storage solution in...

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