Battery Performance

Battery Performance Scorecard shows changes in market trends and tech designs

DNV GL has released its third annual Battery Performance Scorecard, an independent ranking and evaluation of different types of commercial Li-ion batteries.
sector coupling

The impact of sector coupling on Europe’s energy demand and prices

DNV GL has released a new report which analyse the impact of sector coupling on energy demand and energy prices in Europe.
floating offshore wind power

Global floating wind energy market to record a 2000-fold increase by...

DNV GL forecasts that with the right drivers in place, the installed capacity of floating wind energy will grow from 100 MW to 250 GW in 2050
energy transition

Five key strategies and solutions to speed up global decarbonisation

DNV GL has released a new report summarising strategies and policies needed to speed up the energy transition.

Energy efficiency – the often ‘forgotten’ option in the energy transition

Energy efficiency measures need more investment and innovation to accelerate their implementation, DNV GL argues in its latest ‘Transition Faster’ report.
Offshore Wind

DNV GL, National Grid partner on UK’s Offshore Wind Coordination project

National Grid has selected certification body DNV GL as a lead partner in the Offshore Wind Coordination project in Great Britain.
climate goals

Scaling up digital grids to help meet climate goals

Despite renewables being the most resilient energy source during, urgent investment is needed to scale digital grids to meet climate goals.
World Energy Outlook

COVID-19 permanently alters global energy outlook

The behavioural and economic ramifications of COVID-19 will permanently reduce global energy demand, according to DNV GL.
sector coupling

New report explains how power grids can accelerate the energy transition

DNV GL has released a new report outlining how power grids can support the global effort to accelerate the energy transition.
Paris Agreement

Top four renewables strategies to meet the goals of the Paris...

DNV GL has released a new report which outlines focus areas where concentrated efforts can enable the large-scale uptake of renewable energy.

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