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DSOs as facilitators of European energy communities

Distribution system operators (DSOs) are able to play a key role in fostering the development of energy communities with mutual benefits.

European energy system integration – the DSO strategy

Europe’s distribution system operators (DSOs) see energy system integration as a key area to take an enabling role and are ready to take this responsibility says E.DSO.

Measuring the performance of Europe’s smart grids

European system operators have proposed a set of indicators to monitor the evolution of smart grids at the distribution level.

Europe’s DSOs need new market model, innovative technological tools

Europe’s distribution system operator (DSO) model should transform to create benefit for the industry, customers and society, E.DSO council recommends.

Europe’s distribution grids need €400bn by 2030 says study

Investment in Europe’s distribution grids needs to be ramped out by over 50% from that in the last decade, Eurelectric and E.DSO find.

Customer data management crucial to system operation – E.DSO white paper

Efficient data management is key to enabling the new functionalities of the energy system, stresses the European Distribution System Operators E.DSO

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E host 2nd webinar of 3rd edition of cybersecurity event

An ENCS, E.DSO and ENTSO-E webinar explores challenges of data sharing under the NIS Directive, Cybersecurity Act and Network Code Cybersecurity.

Security requirements standardised for distribution automation in Europe

Security requirements for distribution automation remote terminal units (RTUs) have been released by the ENCS and E.DSO.

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E: “Cybersecurity: Defence in Depth” workshop

E.DSO, ENTSO-E and ENCS have organised a technical workshop to discuss the main cybersecurity threats and how to stay ahead of the developments.
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ENCS and E.DSO – cybersecurity baseline requirements

ENCS and E.DSO have announced the launch of cybersecurity baseline requirements for smart meters and data concentrators.