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What’s putting the brakes on EV adoption in South Africa?

South Africa is lagging behind global sales of electric vehicles (EVs), which were projected to reach five million in 2019. To keep up to speed with South Africa’s plans for this evolving market, Nicolette Pombo van Zyl gathered industry experts to discuss decarbonising the transport sector through EV adoption. Here’s what transpired.

Battery specialists InoBat Auto gets €5 million govt. funding for Slovakian Gigafactory

InoBat Auto, an R&D and battery production company providing new energy solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), has secured €5 million (approximately $4.5 million) in funding from the Slovakian government to build an R&D centre to support the development of a 10GWh Gigafactory in the country – the world’s biggest car producer per capita.
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Global mega-corporations join new Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance

Ceres has announced the formation and launch of it’s Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance.

UK EV sales break records in 2019 – report

Electric vehicle (EV) sales bucked the overall 2019 trend of falling car sales with figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) showing that battery electric vehicles (BEVs) registrations have risen by 144% to 37,850.
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Fiat EV wins prize for “democratic electric mobility of the future”

Olivier François, President of Fiat Brand Global, was awarded French magazine "L'Argus"'s Special Jury Prize, for the electrically-powered, autonomous driving-capable Fiat Concept Centoventi, Fiat's vision for the democratic electric mobility of the future.

Self-driving shuttles to revolutionise Doha’s public transport in 2022

VW and the Qatar Investment Authority signed 'Project Qatar Mobility' to develop self-driving Level 4 electric vehicle shuttles in Doha

5 million EVs already on global roads – report

Global EV adoption is accelerating says a new report by data and analytics firm GlobalData, with 5 million battery-powered vehicles on the world’s roads
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Report: Long range EV’s will be the best ride-hailing option by 2025

It looks like the business case for electrifying ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft is stronger than ever
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Roads need more electricity: They will make it themselves

That toll gate, street light and traffic monitoring system all need electricity. Later, roads that deice and charge vehicles at speed will need huge amounts of electricity. For now, electricity for road systems is...